There’s this popular American phrase, “Speaking Truth to Power”. I have no idea what it really means. It seems to have originated as a Christian/religious saying and then migrated into politics, pop psychology and social justice warriors. (I wonder if SJWs are aware of the religious origins?)

I say I have no idea what it really means because it has become another form of virtue signaling, an aphoristic phrase trotted out without true circumspection as to the deeper meanings, context and impact of language.

During a lifetime spent studying philosophies, the use of language and the development of genuine and powerful communication, I can tell you that rather than putting out the trite phrase in order to bolster your credentials, real speaking of truth and real speaking to power necessitates the abnegation of self and the understanding of the other.

People need leaders and those who serve to be honest, to be inquisitive, to be insightful and to speak to them – not to put themselves on a platform.

(c) 2018 Peter J. McLean

Speaking Truth to Power

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