“Peter ‘Tops the Bill'”

I am a highly regarded and award-winning professional speaker, speaking for numerous different kinds of organisations on topics ranging from leadership to individual performance to life skills. I speak in single ‘speech’ formats, as well as running workshops and facilitation.
To me, speaking is not about a performance or simply a presentation, or simply a refresher – it’s about creating results and changing and making a difference to the lives, leadership and achievement of my audience.
All of my presentations are crafted to benefit my specific audience. I work to understand them and the results you wish to achieve and craft my messages – connecting with and moving my audiences using my unique blend of dramatic storytelling, insight and broad experiences and expertises – to create those results.
Audiences always comment on my evident passion, credibility and ability to convey powerful principles that make a difference to them, and my clients are always delighted by the results.
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Here’s a recent Recommendation for my Professional Speaking services from Brad Triston, currently from the Primero Group and Events Coordinator for the Project Management Institute Western Australia:

As a Senior Project Manager and the Events Director for PMI I had the pleasure of working with Peter McLean and his Consultancy practice ‘Lamplighter’. Peter provided a presentation covering the ‘7 Deadly Sins of Leadership’ to the PMI WA members.

He was able to talk with utmost authority on leadership and quickly built rapport with the audience by leveraging many years of hands on management experience, deploying multiple anecdotes.

As the PMI Events director I’ve worked with many presenters and specialists in management and leadership. Peter ‘tops the bill’ with both his public speaking capability and the depth of his understanding in leadership and management. I speak not only on my behalf but on behalf of the many WA PMI members who were quick to advise how impressed they were with Peter’s presentation.

I highly recommend Peter for other audiences.

– Brad Triston


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Peter McLean Speaker Sheet July 2016 p1

Peter McLean Speaker Sheet July 2016 p2

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