Changing direction can happen almost instantaneously. Changing momentum and then reaching a new destination require a lot more time and continued effort.

This can happen in both individual and institutional turnarounds. It’s underestimated how tough it can be to create turnaround. Conditions like lack of resources and ingrained habits create tremendous obstacles. If you don’t have the resources – financial, physical, intellectual, spiritual or emotional – then it’s extremely challenging to make the investment to change and grow. Structurally, an organisation under Voluntary Administration has even more constraints and challenges – as has recently happened with a former client of mine.

Energetic, positive and SUPPORTED leadership, however, is important. For yourself, Administrators and others involved in the turnaround, you need to support good leaders who can continue to deliver. It’s not going to happen immediately and requires long-term commitment. Unfortunately, many seem to think that overcoming years or decades’ worth of inertia or decline should be instantaneous.

But really, it took you years and years to create this situation: Why on earth would you think that you should fix it overnight?

© 2017 Peter J. McLean

Why Would You Think It Will Be Fixed Overnight?
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