My family and I enjoyed some pies on Friday at a bakery in the small town of Toodyay, around an hour’s drive East of Perth. My wife exclaimed that hers was the best store-bought pie she has ever had and that it beat all of the “award winning” pies she’d ever eaten, hands down.

Owners Marc and Linda moved from the west coast to Toodyay about 15 months ago. Marc has returned to the baking game after about 10 years break. It was a total treechange – on faith that they would do well with the new store they had bought. Linda admitted she hadn’t even been to Toodyay before buying the store.

Marc and Linda at Toodyay BakeryThey recently won first place for their pasties at a major competition. Marc said they had not entered the competition the way some others had: they just took items off their shelf for the competition and submitted them. They still hit the top 5 for their pies and 1st place for their pasties. Other entrants in these competitions often create special goods that do not reflect what one buys in the store (that is, what you buy in the store is nowhere near is good.) I can attest that Toodyay Bakery’s goods are the real deal – filled to the brim and delectable.

They’re great folks to talk with, whose shop was busy with locals coming to talk while they picked up the goods. Marc and Linda made the switch to Toodyay based on their desire for a lifestyle change and for the opportunity to set up the bakery and bring up their kids in the local environment. They are loving the change.

They are refurbishing the second storey with a full dining area – it was being completed as we spoke. There is a beautiful 2nd storey verandah view of the town and the surrounding hillsides. And, by the way, they have full upper storey wheelchair access via elevator.

This is the kind of place that ends up becoming a reputed way station for travellers. I’d happily make the drive just for the pies. It deserves to be madly successful.

Passion, Talent and Service go a long way. They’ve got it.

Now is the time to travel to Toodyay if you live in the State or are just visiting. In winter, the grass is green and the river flows. There are great picnic areas, excellent food, nearby attractions and scenery, including some hairy hillside bends if you want to go off the beaten track.

Head over to Marc and Linda’s Toodyay Bakery. It’s on the left on the main street (Stirling Terrace) immediately before the pub and the Visitor’s Centre, before you exit east over the bridge out of town. If you hit the roadhouse, you’ve gone too far. (Them’s good country directions.)

Enjoy the pies and the treechange!

Toodyay Bakery

The Best Pies You’ll Eat – Treechange in Toodyay
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