Red Sky RidersThis Saturday my friend Rohan Erwin (who is currently General Manager of Mining Services at Brierty Ltd, clients of mine) is raising funds for cancer sufferers and their carers by participating in a gruelling 1000 km, 8 day fund-raising bike ride through Western Australia’s hilly southwest. It’s the SolarisCare Red Sky Ride and Rohan is part of a team of volunteer riders.

The riders start this Saturday, 22 Feb and the teams are looking for donations/sponsors. They’ve been training and preparing for months.

At least one in three people will be directly affected by cancer in their lifetime. My immediate family has, as have many friends of mine over the years. As a carer myself and having been alongside my wife’s family taking care of my mother-in-law through cancer a number of years ago, I know how hard it can be on both the sufferer and the family.

If you would like to support Rohan and the teams on their fund raising ride, please visit the SolarisCare page here and donate now. All proceeds go directly to SolarisCare. They are looking to raise $400,000 but are only a little over halfway there at the moment. Any donation you can make would be very welcome!

Read about Rohan and please donate here. Oh, and you might want to leave a message of support and let him know I sent you so he knows how on earth you found out!

Here’s a message Rohan sent yesterday:

Dear Friends & Colleagues

Less than 4 days to go now until we are in the saddle for 1,000 kilometres circumnavigating the South West of WA on a skinny seated push bike.

We leave from the Matilda Bay Café on Hacket Drive next to UWA. The opening ceremony commences around 7.50am Sat 22nd Feb, and we  commence the ride around 8.30 – 8.45 am. You are all welcome to see us off.

I must admit I am becoming a little apprehensive at what seemed like a great idea all those months ago, but we are well prepared and it is for a fantastically worthy cause, and I am fortunate to be a small part of it all.

Thank you to all those of you that have generously donated to Solaris Care Foundation already, your contributions are greatly appreciated.

For those of you yet to make a donation. Please donate now. Simply click on the image below and have your credit card handy (other payment options as well).

It’s all about supporting and assisting Cancer suffers and their Carers. It’s often a long and uncertain road for these guys, and that’s what we are doing this for. They are the ones that deserve our generous support.

Please assist me by way of donation to the Solaris Care Foundation, Red Sky Ride.

On the 22nd February 2014, myself and around 30 other individuals will commence a 1,000 kilometre ride around Western Australia’s South West to raise awareness and much needed funds for the Solaris Care Foundation. This long and often arduous Red Sky Ride represents the journey undertaken by those diagnosed with cancer and the path that they follow thereafter, with the distinction that the riders are relieved after 8 days.

Red Sky Riders are all volunteers and are presently training hard for this event, cycling over 200 Kilometres per week increasing to around 350 Kilometres per week leading up to the ride. It is a big personal commitment in both time and effort, in addition to the eight days of the ride, and your support and financial commitment however small or large, is greatly appreciated. All funds go directly to Solaris Care.

The Solaris Care Foundation provides care and support to both Cancer sufferers and their personal carers through this often long, difficult and uncertain journey. Solaris Care improves the lives and the outcomes of these people, and deserves all the support we can muster.

One in three of us will be directly affected by cancer in our life time, and we all know and are close to someone that has been directly affected.

Please give generously, by simply clicking on the image below which leads to my donations page on the Red Sky Ride web site, whereby you can easily make a donation electronically and directly to Solaris Care.

Thank you for your kind contribution and please feel free to call me regarding any associated matter.

Kind regards

Rohan Erwin

Red Sky Riders

Support Cancer Sufferers and Carers with a Donation to the Red Sky Ride

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