Gifted Leadership Video Course


Gifted Leadership Video Series

40 online videos about building your leadership using your gifts & talents

Format: Private YouTube videos to watch anywhere, anytime.

Length: 5-7 mins per episode. Short enough to enjoy during a break and powerful enough to make a difference.

Schedule: A new episode sent once per week – or request if you’d like to binge all 40.

Learn how to use your gifts to bring out the gifts of others for high performance.

Topics include:

  • Your Driving Leadership Purpose™
  • What are your Deepest Gifts?
  • Developing High Performance
  • Strategic use of your gifts
  • Leading the ‘Unleadable’
  • Learning from great leaders
  • Being ‘in the zone’
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • And much more…
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Power Up your leadership, your productivity and your influence each week with “Peter’s Performance Power-Up” Videos. Practical, informative videos that will help you lead, inspire and perform like the greats!

Gifted Leadership Video Course


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