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Today marks a public holiday in my state, occasioning the celebration of the Queen’s Birthday (i.e. Queen Elizabeth, one must assume). I have no idea why our State celebrates that date and does not celebrate the June marking of the Queen’s birthday, which is not actually the queen’s birthday, but an occasion designated by previous monarchs for the purposes of celebrating “the royal birthday”. Queen Elizabeth’s actual birthday is April 21. All I know for sure is that our Governor sets the date each year for our State and that it can even change each year.

There are no fanfares that I am aware of, no evident celebrations of the longest-living and longest-serving monarch in the world and of all history in the UK and Commonwealth. But plenty of people are happy to have the day off and to enjoy a long weekend.

Unfortunately, our organisations and cultures often make a hash of events, markers and rituals. Things often happen just because that’s always been the way and there seems to be no rhyme, no reason and no utility – it’s just the way things are done.

When we celebrate events, we can often miss the point entirely or not celebrate the real reason behind something – everyone gets caught up in the occasion or the trappings without understanding why they’re even there in the first place.

Consider the cultural milestone, rituals and routines that you have and engage with. Is there a reason for them? Does that reason still apply? If you throw them out, what will it affect? (Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t know the answer to this until someone tells us after we’ve gotten rid of it – “Oh, that’s why we did that!!” – or things just mess up after the fact.)

Conversely, is there a reason to maintain, defend or strengthen them? There may well be perfectly legitimate reasons. These rituals may be dead weight or they may be the glue for a culture bereft of traditions and supports.

I’m glad we celebrate the Queen’s Birthday – it’s a link to a strong history and past and helps give us perspective on the future. I just wish I knew why, here in Western Australia, we do it today!

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Peter McLean’s Monday Morning Mission – 25/09/2017
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