Should You Choose to Accept It…

Fads are big everywhere – socially, politically, in business, in government, in education, health and wellness, you name it. It seems people are never immune from taking up a cause or idea with minimal understanding and maximal enthusiasm. It’s depressing.

Recent government and leadership examples are the terms diversity and innovation. Most of the people advocating the movements, forming policy, mooting funding and formulating processes don’t have a clue what they’re really doing, which is parroting the latest bloviations or mantras: “diversity diversity diversity” or “innovation innovation innovation”, as though repeating the words will create a magical effect. I was reminded of this when asked about Simon Sinek’s “Power of Why” and people’s cultic responsiveness. Yeah, Simon Sinek didn’t come up with the question: I seem to recall my Primary School teachers telling us to use that as a basic interrogative for any situation!

The fact is, most organisations and worthwhile endeavours are complex and require flexibility in the adherent pursuit of goals. If there were a set-and-forget solution, then no-one need be paid and we could just all sit back and never have to work to develop insight, exert effort and seek to influence – if you want to achieve something meaningful, however, you’ll always need to be undertaking those.

Sponsor Me for True Grit: I have already received a number of very generous donations towards my True Grit run on October 29, in support of The Ability Centre. Within the first week, we’re already almost halfway to my initial fundraising goal. Details are here at if you would like to consider donating to this worthy cause and supporting my efforts. Updates on my preparations are posted throughout the week. There’s some tiring training involved! Thank you to those who have already donated!!

The Great Leaders Project: Spend a half day with me reviewing the fascinating stories and episodes of some of history’s greatest acknowledged secular leaders [*see following note] and take away lessons that you can apply that day. Date will be later in 2017, depending on interest. If you would like to do this in a shorter online format instead, let me know. Register your interest by email to [*Religious leaders would involve too many ontological discussions, but if you ever want to do that, let me know and I’ll work it out – I have a minor in theology and worked in the faculty.]

The Business Success Workshop: Too many people fail to thrive in their business simply because they don’t know how to put everything together to execute. We’ll spend one supercharged day together in an entrepreneurial mindset, with owners, MDs and execs from diverse industries looking to dramatically drive forward their business idea. At the same time, we’ll consider the mechanisms you need to employ to ensure that you thrive personally and don’t lose balance in your life while you pursue your mission! Tentatively planned for February 2018. Register your interest by email to

Transformational Leadership Retreat 2018: I’m using all of my coaching, educational & development expertise, research, resources and personal executive leadership experience at ultra-challenging levels to design the ultimate transformational leadership retreat – everything that can be accomplished in two and a half days does that not involve ropes and a drill sergeant yelling at people! I’ll be bringing in the big guns for designing this one and sloughing off all the dross and dregs of buzzwords and buzz strategies, so-called development and research that merely obfuscate and “lose the name of action”. If you want to be involved, or have a request for something you’d really wish you could accomplish through a leadership retreat/workshop, then let me know while I’m in the design phase. Watch this space!

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Peter McLean’s Monday Morning Mission – 18/09/2017
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