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In his book, “Give and Take”, researcher Adam Grant points out that contrary to the myth, the fact is that good guys often do finish first in business. In fact, “givers”, are at the high-performing end of professions such as medicine, engineering and finance. So how come it seems like “takers” are so often the real winners?

We have unfounded perception biases when it comes to takers. They are obvious, standing out in a crowd at work and in society. When they win out, getting promotions or winning deals, people proclaim “There you go, you have to be a taker to win in business and in life” and don’t see the multitude of people around them who give to others, often without expectation of return, succeeding in life, relationships and business (a more comprehensive list of success-based situations than simply dollar earnings).

Grant goes into the nitty-gritty of a great deal of research that demonstrates how to balance out giving with ensuring that you also win, because if you constantly fail then you become dependent or powerless to help others and your own family or succeed in your chosen career and mission.

The reality is, that like the lifeboat or air emergency, we do need to take care of ourselves and our own needs in order to continue to give to others, or we will simply run out of food or oxygen to simply survive and help others to as well, let alone to thrive. Our focus, however, needs to be on others in the end, if we are to truly live and succeed in meaningful ways.

Give and take – not as a balanced equation, but as part of the routine interaction of relationships within life.

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Peter McLean’s Monday Morning Mission – 13/11/2017
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