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I love it when “the news” makes blanket statements that just are simply untrue. News outlets in Australia were all agog this morning that the whole nation would be sweltering through a heat wave this coming week, with mid-week temperatures soaring into the stratosphere. This does not include, however, Brisbane, forecast to hit 32 at most, Perth, which has already had its hot weekend and day today and is set to cool down dramatically for the rest of the week, Darwin which will be in the mid-30s all week (which is not unusual for Darwin), Hobart, under 30 all week long, Canberra which may hit the mid-30s 3 days out of the week, Melbourne, set to hit 36 for one day only, Sydney to hit 34 one day, 33 a couple of days later and Adelaide which is forecast to have 36 and 38 over two days.

Other than that, the entire nation is at threat of this blistering heat wave.

Okay, I grant that those couple of warmer days may seem hot in comparison to the beautiful Spring temperatures, but do we really need to create hyperbole out of a warm temperature spike in a couple of cities?

It’s a common enough failing to succumb to the temptation to catastrophise occurrences out of the norm. It doesn’t mean the sky is falling. Catastrophising events merely harms your confidence and credibility.

It’s important that we provide context and perspective for our people and for ourselves on a daily basis. “Everything”, “everywhere” and “everyone” usually doesn’t mean what you think it means.

Provide context. Be accurate and precise. Focus on the reality, because if the sky really is falling, you’ll totally know it.

Quote for the Week:

“Sir John’s confidence in his own judgment rose with this animated praise, and he set off directly for the cottage to tell the Miss Dashwoods of the Miss Steeles’ arrival, and to assure them of their being the sweetest girls in the world. From such commendation as this, however, there was not much to be learned; Elinor well knew that the sweetest girls in the world were to be met with in every part of England, under every possible variation of form, face, temper and understanding.”

– Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility

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Peter McLean’s Monday Morning Mission – 11/12/2017
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