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It’s evident from many government projects that there is a lack of good leadership and management at public service levels. What often happens is that public servants rule “by decree”. They issue a memo/email and expect that means that something will get done. It doesn’t.

If you’re leading an enterprise or endeavour, then that means you need to get your hands dirty – sometimes literally – to get the job done. Don’t sit and think that because you’ve given a speech or issued a directive, that you’re leading – you’re not. Instead, you need to instantiate your ideas and your initiatives by visiting the people you need to in order to get things done. Visit the people working on your behalf. Walk around. Observe. Throw your hand in if necessary or where possible (sometimes you don’t know how to or may not be allowed to – for professional, legal or health and safety reasons). You can offer to help them get things done by providing something else they need. A key question to ask is always “How can I help you get your job done better?” If you’re at the top, there are a great many things you can do to remove obstacles and hurdles to your people doing good work.

If you need to, you can visit a supplier in order to help them work things out. They’re going to be behind on delivery? They don’t know how to work out a technical problem that affects your production/service? Don’t wait. Visit them and get it sorted. Your personal presence will impress upon them how seriously you regard the issue, but allied with your offer to assist or work through issues, you can work together to create a better outcome.

Although we wish our governments would do the same (how many lead contamination debacles, building delays, misdirected works, and so on could have been fixed by someone getting off their backsides and actually doing something?), the fact is so many of us are guilty of neglecting to put forth the physical effort required in our leadership and our lives. Get up and do something.

Sobremesa – March 23 I will be running a special invitation-only event at Moonburra Stay in Bullsbrook, WA. 50 leaders and influencers are invited to gather at this exquisite location to relax, connect and enjoy a break with peers, while engaging in some culinary preparations and wine appreciation skills. Yours truly will MC the day and facilitate a session. We will derive some lessons in setting and achieving focus on your vision, while our chef and vigneron will provide special activities and education. It’s a unique concept for leaders and I am delighted to be partnering with Moonburra Stay, Talijancich Wines and Swan Valley Slow Food Chef, Vincenzo Velletri of Il Paolo Catering to provide this splendid experience. We want leaders to connect meaningfully and be able to open up more opportunities, in a refreshing rural setting and over a fantastic meal. If you are the head or at senior level of a medium-to-large enterprise and wish to be invited to further events, contact me at

The Great Leaders Project: Spend a half day with me reviewing the fascinating stories and episodes of some of history’s greatest acknowledged secular leaders [*see following note] and take away lessons that you can apply that day. Date will be in 2018, depending on interest. If you would like to do this in a shorter online format instead, let me know. Register your interest by email to [*Religious leaders would involve too many ontological discussions, but if you ever want to do that, let me know and I’ll work it out – I have a minor in theology and worked in the faculty.]

The Business Success Workshop: Too many people fail to thrive in their business simply because they don’t know how to put everything together to execute. We’ll spend one supercharged day together in an entrepreneurial mindset, with owners, MDs and execs from diverse industries looking to dramatically drive forward their business idea. At the same time, we’ll consider the mechanisms you need to employ to ensure that you thrive personally and don’t lose balance in your life while you pursue your mission! Tentatively planned for February 2018. Register your interest by email to

Transformational Leadership Retreat 2018: I’m using all of my coaching, educational & development expertise, research, resources and personal executive leadership experience at ultra-challenging levels to design the ultimate transformational leadership retreat – everything that can be accomplished in two and a half days does that not involve ropes and a drill sergeant yelling at people! I’ll be bringing in the big guns for designing this one and sloughing off all the dross and dregs of buzzwords and buzz strategies, so-called development and research that merely obfuscate and “lose the name of action”. If you want to be involved, or have a request for something you’d really wish you could accomplish through a leadership retreat/workshop, then let me know while I’m in the design phase. Watch this space!

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Peter McLean’s Monday Morning Mission – 11/02/2018
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