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The world will not end through the efforts of Donald J. Trump. I know it’s popular right now amongst a portion of the world’s population to think that he will start World War III because he is confronting the leader of North Korea. If the manner of his remarks were less inflammatory and couched more diplomatically, then we might think it’s less, as one person put it in conversation at a business leaders’ meeting, “two naughty boys in the playground!” and more the sensible, rational efforts of a nation seeking to squelch what is essentially a mafia-style dictator who happily kills his own brother and would happily turn nukes on his neighbours.

When Ronald Reagan was confronting the evils of Soviet Communism, he was decried for doing so and I remember many experts and leaders saying at the time, in equal measure, that he would start World War III. He didn’t. Without an actual shot fired, his efforts made it possible for the wall to come down, the USSR to be vanquished and many nations to be liberated, for which they continue to enjoy the blessings and rewards today.

Now, President Trump is no President Reagan when it comes to communication or manner or standards, and I do not mean to compare the two in that regard, however one of the great lessons of history is that when bullies and evil dictators are appeased and not opposed, that disaster happens.

In our own environments, it’s so easy to take that easy way out: appease the individual, placate them, smooth things down so you don’t start World War III. The result is ongoing, unremitting low-level hostility as that person builds up their “arms cache” and power so that they continue to threaten more and more people.

How many government departments are filled with people promoted through because they were bullies and it was the “only way” to get rid of them? How about the Hollywood exec sexual assault scandals currently breaking? What if those people had been confronted and fought early on, instead of being allowed to continue to amass power and victims?

If it is within you, and especially if you are a leader, you need to confront such people. Don’t let them get away with it. Don’t let them think it’s ok. And don’t fool yourself into thinking that everything will be alright and they’ll harmlessly pass on. History teaches us that it just isn’t so.

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Peter McLean’s Monday Morning Mission – 6/11/2017
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