Should You Choose to Accept It…

The US is full into Superbowl as I write this morning. One of the most-watched (THE most-watched?) sports events in the world, it’s an impressive display of strategy, skill, tactics, helmets, American hyper-aggression and meh performances in the half-time show by people whose songs are half the time just plain awful accompanied by a few jiggy dance moves (I’m a singer and was an occasional dancer, sue me!).

When I attended university in the US, I had a sports/football coach (touch football, the type my slight frame could handle and which kept the brains of the students intact) who had played in the Superbowl. Had the ring and everything. He told of a combatant – sorry, opposing player – who once landed on top of him and proceeded to try to gouge his eyes out between the guards on the helmet. My coach was underneath giving him uppercuts to try to dislodge this 300-pound ogre who wanted to kill him. It took several guys come over to lift the attacker off coach and then haul him away, while others helped coach to get up and going.

The coach said he never understood why that guy hated him so much – it wasn’t just that instance, but in multiple games the other player threatened and attacked. Coach didn’t even recall ever really speaking with him or doing anything to him on the field. It was just pure, unrestrained hating violence let loose.

Sometimes you can feel like you’re pinned under a 350-pound (160 kg) gorilla and, like those dreams people have, you’re punching away and it’s feeble and not making a whit of difference no matter how hard you try and you just don’t know why!

It’s situations like those that you need someone else to come in and lift that gorilla off you and help you sort out how to get moving. The Lone Renegade Saviour is a myth. Don’t think it’s all up to you. You don’t understand the violence or the reason for the attack, but at this point you really don’t need to. Sometimes it’s just an unrestrained force which is its own reason.

Get help! Ask someone to remove that gorilla from your chest and help you sit up and see daylight.

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Peter McLean’s Monday Morning Mission – 5/02/2018
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