If I Say “Ow” Alot, You’ll Understand

I‘ve just been requested to speak at the Rotary Club in Hillarys in Perth on the evening of Monday October 30 with my presentation “Beyond Leadership – Serving With Heart!”.

When finalising the date, I mentioned to the Event Organiser that I should be okay that night, but that the day before I am undertaking the True Grit Obstacle Course, which I am also using to fundraise for charity (see here at https://give.everydayhero.com/au/true-grit-for-cerebral-palsy).

I accepted the speaking date, but gave the caveat that I don’t know what state I will be in after the event, so if I say “Ow!” alot during the presentation, they will understand why!

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Peter McLean’s Monday Morning Mission – 11/09/2017

Should You Choose to Accept It…

An acquaintance was recently telling me the story of how she and her family had survived intact the devastation wrought by Cyclone Tracy on Darwin in 1974. Taking refuge in a corner of their house, they came out to find the rest of it torn away around them.


Which Story is The True One?

Scenes in the media (or YouTube grabs, for that matter) that depict violence between groups are rarely to be trusted as the whole story. They conspicuously omit context and perspective. Hence, we receive a report about someone having been aggressive, but see no evidence of that opposing group being aggressive. Or, we see simply someone yelling back or lashing out at the one filming, but we see no footage preceding the incident demonstrating how the alleged recipient may have been acting toward the alleged perpetrator beforehand. Determining liability in these situations is one of the reasons why we have whole court systems that weigh and ponder the multiple factors in any incident. Yet, whole populations are all too willing (more…)

Why Would You Think It Will Be Fixed Overnight?

Changing direction can happen almost instantaneously. Changing momentum and then reaching a new destination require a lot more time and continued effort.

This can happen in both individual and institutional turnarounds. It’s underestimated how tough it can be to create turnaround. Conditions like lack of resources and ingrained habits create tremendous obstacles. If you don’t have the resources – financial, physical, intellectual, spiritual or emotional – then it’s extremely challenging to make the investment to change and grow. Structurally, an organisation under Voluntary Administration has even more constraints and challenges – as has recently happened with a former client of mine.

Energetic, positive and SUPPORTED leadership, however, is important. For yourself, Administrators and others involved in the turnaround, you need to support good leaders who can continue to deliver. It’s not going to happen immediately and requires long-term commitment. Unfortunately, many seem to think that overcoming years or decades’ worth of inertia or decline should be instantaneous.

But really, it took you years and years to create this situation: Why on earth would you think that you should fix it overnight?

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Recent Speaking Recommendation

Here’s a recent Recommendation for my Professional Speaking services from Brad Triston, currently from the Primero Group and Events Coordinator for the Project Management Institute Western Australia:

As a Senior Project Manager and the Events Director for PMI I had the pleasure of working with Peter McLean and his Consultancy practice ‘Lamplighter’. Peter provided a presentation covering the ‘7 Deadly Sins of Leadership’ to the PMI WA members.

He was able to talk with utmost authority on leadership and quickly built rapport with the audience by leveraging many years of hands on management experience, deploying multiple anecdotes.

As the PMI Events director I’ve worked with many presenters and specialists in management and leadership. Peter ‘tops the bill’ with both his public speaking capability and the depth of his understanding in leadership and management. I speak not only on my behalf but on behalf of the many WA PMI members who were quick to advise how impressed they were with Peter’s presentation.

I highly recommend Peter for other audiences.

– Brad Triston

Peter J. McLean www.petermclean.co

True Grit for Cerebral Palsy Donations Coming In

GREAT to see donations start rolling in – on the first night – for my “True Grit” run to support people with cerebral palsy provided for by The Ability Centre! I posted about my fundraising efforts on Monday.

Thank you to those who have already donated!!!

Please visit my everydayhero fundraising page at https://give.everydayhero.com/au/true-grit-for-cerebral-palsy and consider sponsoring my commando-style obstacle course run for this cause.

Peter J. McLean

Sponsor me to raise funds for The Ability Centre through True Grit

I‘m running the True Grit obstacle course south of Perth this October 29, 2017. I want to use the challenge of the course to raise funds for The Ability Centre, in Perth, which helps kids and adults who face the challenges of cerebral palsy and other disabilities every day.

Please consider visiting my everydayhero page here at https://give.everydayhero.com/au/true-grit-for-cerebral-palsy to sponsor me by donating to this fantastic centre.

My daughter, Alyssa (pictured right), has been a client of the Centre since she was 7 months old. She’s now 11 years old and continues to receive full therapeutic support through the Centre – speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. The Centre also provides support to us by helping to coordinate and access other services and to manage our relations with Australia’s new National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Over the years, the Centre has provided us so much time, expertise, assistance and care as we have cared for our gorgeous girl. It is a not-for-profit Centre, so relies on grants and donations to provide its services to the many thousands of children and adults across our State who need it.

I’d appreciate your support in raising funds. My sponsorship target is $1500. This is my first time, so I thought I’d start there. Hopefully, we can raise much more.

Thank you!

Please visit the everyday hero page https://give.everydayhero.com/au/true-grit-for-cerebral-palsy for details.

Peter McLean


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