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If you are serious about becoming a better leader and communicator, then these video series are a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals. Find Series descriptions and subscription options at our resource page.

Each series is centred on the themes of leadership, communication and performance. 40 five-minute videos will be delivered straight to your inbox every week throughout the year. That’s just enough length for the modern attention span and our busy schedules. View them anywhere, any time, on any device, until the internet expires.

You’ll receive…

Weekly five-minute videos on your choice(s) of:

1. Gifted Leadership™ 40 online videos on the most important skill you can build: your leadership. Learn how to use your gifts to bring out the gifts of others for high performance. Topics include:

  • Your Driving Leadership Purpose™
  • What are your Deepest Gifts?
  • Developing High Performance
  • Strategic use of your gifts
  • Leading the ‘Unleadable’
  • Learning from great leaders
  • Being ‘in the zone’
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • And much more…

2. Authentic Speaking® 40 online videos delivered straight to your inbox every week throughout the year. Each video has 5 minutes of great information, tips and boosts to your speaking and communication – just enough for the modern attention span! Become a more powerful and authentic speaker. Topics include:

  • The 3 Cs of Authentic Speaking®
  • Connecting with your audience
  • Speaking to persuade
  • Building Confidence
  • Overcoming fears
  • Building Presence
  • Using powerful narratives
  • Avoiding ‘Death by PowerPoint’
  • Object Lessons
  • Great speaking models
  • Commanding the room
  • Integrity
  • The heart of the message
  • Power vocabulary
  • And more…


  • 40 “Performance Power-Ups” delivered straight to your inbox every week throughout the year – just enough length for the modern attention span and the flexibility for your busy schedule. You’ll have an ever-growing list of videos for your private viewing any time, anywhere, on any device.
  • Techniques to draw people to you, increase your leadership effectiveness and be a persuasive, motivating, genuine communicator. Connect with people for alliances and results. Reduce stress and increase your personal fulfilment. Generate more revenue and greater profit. Enjoy your work more.
  • Practical tips and strategies to make the best of your personal gifts and talents. You will be empowered with real ideas, not empty fluff or “motivational speaking” – genuine content, real examples and original IP to prompt and guide your thinking, your behaviours, your strategies and your success.

These are relaxed, enjoyable and informative videos, set in my home office. No fancy graphics. No fluff or fads. Just pure content that will actually make a difference.

Why am I doing this? I believe that we all need as many tools as we can to become first-rate leaders and communicators. By making this material available (usually costing thousands of dollars to receive through coaching or consulting work), I am providing you and my ongoing clients with a valuable resource, because I want to see you use your incredible personal gifts and talents to grow, lead and create positive rewards for yourself and those you serve. You’ll love the information and grow tremendously if you apply the ideas from each episode.

Your Investment: Each series only costs $250 (AUD) for most of the year. That’s much less after tax, working out to far less than that daily cup of coffee. Order both series and take $60 off. Just ONE idea that helps you would be worth 20-1000 times that. I’ll give you hundreds.

Fair Use: I am happy for you to personally show a sample of a video to others and of course you should use the ideas in your own work and development, but note that this is all my original IP. I am trusting you to keep your video links private and to respect copyright. They cannot be shared, tweeted, facebooked, or otherwise published in any way to other people. I don’t want to have to restrict your access. Besides, the lawyers in my family would have a field day and they have enough work already.

When: You will receive a video link at the start of the day once per week. If you want to binge watch, let me know after you purchase and I’ll send you the entire series at once.

Invest in yourself to become a better leader and communicator. Simply subscribe here.

If you find any of the material on this blog at all useful or enjoyable, then you’ll find the videos superlative. Viewers tell me it’s great stuff, I know that you will find the materials great for yourself!

All material Copyright 2013-2014 Peter J. McLean

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