Keep Me Accountable™ is here! If you’re like the vast majority of the world, it’s challenging to keep on top of the behaviours that will make a difference in your life. My clients needed a new way to help them track the most important things that they needed to do … every single day. So I created the Keep Me Accountable™ system to help them achieve change and growth like never before.


Through my strategic consulting and coaching, my high level clients needed a tool that could help drive them towards higher performance in their lives, their work and their businesses every day. But we just couldn’t find anything that did the job!

That’s why I created new processes and technologies to help them accomplish just that: something that would land in their lap with a way to keep track of the most important behaviours, attitudes and objectives of their day, their month and their year. And that became the Keep Me Accountable™ system that has helped change their lives.

Now I’m making my Keep Me Accountable™ system available to anyone and everyone to stay on track with the things that matter most – every single day.

It’s a daily reminder and progress tracking system delivered straight to you through your email – on your desktop and/or mobile device – so that you get reminded each day of what counts, keep track of your performance, set your daily goals and gain the benefits of working smarter, not just harder.

No, we don’t keep track of scores of KPIs. No, we don’t keep track of hundreds of competencies. No, we don’t focus on irrelevant requirements and things that don’t make a difference to your life long-term.

Instead, we focus on key issues, behaviours, values and needs that you have every day, that will make a difference to you. For example,

  • Rate how well you listen to your direct reports
  • Rate how well you consistently convey a compelling vision to your team throughout the day
  • Pay attention to the prospecting calls you need to make
  • Determine if you worked on that key project (like your MBA or PhD), that you were meant to
  • Ask yourself if you did something kind for your kids
  • Keep track of your daily exercise
  • Keep track of alcohol consumption – and how it affects you the following days
  • Eliminate offensive or defensive behaviours
  • Remind yourself to think and work strategically

For the first time, I am offering the Keep Me Accountable™ system for public use! Our website and portal has now gone live, offering this system to you for a small monthly fee – tiny when you compare it to the benefits you’ll derive.

If you want a simple, elegant solution that will effectively keep you – or your people – on track, then the Keep Me Accountable™ system is for you. Link through and read how it can help you, all for an insignificant monthly fee.

There are Three System Options are Available:
  • the basic system where we set up questions you have created yourself, using our special design guide
  • an expert system, where we discuss your needs and use our expertise to fully design and set up your daily system for you
  • an enterprise system, which we design and set up with dashboards and supervisor oversight – for your team, organisation or special project
Start on your track to higher performance now and visit the new ‘Keep Me Accountable™‘ site. And share this info with others to help them grow today.
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KeepMeAccountable™ Is Here

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