It was a great evening with the crowd at the Project Management Institute (WA) last night, surrounding my presentation “It’s Time to Thrive As a Leader!” From all of the comments I received, people greatly appreciated, enjoyed and benefited from the presentation.

My thanks to everyone involved, including Chapter President James Watson for his welcome and input into the evening, Jo Saunders for organising as their Education Director, Alan Sivandi for the invitation and discussions, and Yogesh Wani, the Events Director.

I enjoyed meeting the many professionals in the room, their participation during my presentation and our discussions afterwards surrounding leadership. It was a pleasure to learn more about some of the distinguished work they are doing and to share their experiences and ideas, as well as meeting a long-lost friend here and there.

I crashed my blog a little, as it is not our official business website and therefore without dedicated servers, when I invited everyone attending to log in and join in the forum here. I did think of it at the time, but should have mentioned it! I’m glad so many persevered that extra time or two in order to access the site.

The PMI Chapter is a group of switched-on people. If you would like to find out more about them, I suggest you visit their website at to find out about their next events and head on over. There were a number of ‘non-members’ at the evening last night, who clearly felt as welcome as I did. If you’re not in Perth you can access PMI worldwide at

My thanks to everyone there! It was a pleasure to serve you and help you to lead with confidence and inspiration.

If you would like me to speak at your association or organisation, simply get in touch.

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A Great Evening at the Project Management Institute WA

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