When she was little, my youngest daughter had the benefit of attending special education classes with the Conductive Education Centre here in Perth. They are holding their annual charity dinner at the end of May.

Conductive Education Charity Dinner

Conductive Education Therapy is a unique integrative therapy and educational program that helps all kinds of kids with cerebral palsy and other motor disabilities early in their development. Our daughter, Alyssa, benefited greatly from the treatments there, in conjunction with the many other providers, therapists and other programs that she’s been involved with over the years.

It was in Conductive Ed that someone first showed us what it might look like for Alyssa to walk in the future. We still remember crying just over the idea that she might one day walk. We’ll never forget their efforts to help her, even when she didn’t like it!

These kinds of programs are heavily labour and specialist intensive, requiring substantial funding to run. Unfortunately, education departments, governments and the like are often not fond of funding these programs, even though they have demonstrable cost savings and life changing benefits down the line (I remember reading through the studies supporting those conclusions many years ago). Families make huge sacrifices and travel from all around the greater metro area to get their kids into the classes (often with no or little support for themselves). So community and business support and donations are key.

This organisation is all volunteer run, in order to employ specialists and obtain critically important assistance for some of the world’s most vulnerable kids.

If you would like to attend the dinner and support a worthy cause, or even just make a donation, please visit their website at www.conductiveedwa.com.au or call the numbers on the flyer: Jennie at 0412 252 704 for ticket sales and Casey 0408 093 772 for sponsorship details. Know that any of your donations will truly be making a difference to these kids and families.

Peter J. McLean


Conductive Education Charity Dinner

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