The current citizenship obsession within the Australian Government is a case of policy and process destabilising performance. The Coalition Party clearly needed to do more to prevent these dual citizenships from cropping up as problems, but given that never, in the history of Australian Federal Politics, has this been made an issue, one could understand their lack of internal scrutiny.

More importantly, this debacle is being used to destabilise government for its own sake, rather than to do anything that remotely impinges on the effectiveness of our government. Not one of the people caught in this trap has demonstrated affiliative influence related to their “other” citizenship. They have been Australian by birth, upbringing and intent.

The Opposition has been feeling secure in its own vetting processes, but has held back on calling for full audits because they may well be wringing their hands now and saying, “What if one of us was granted citizenship by right of birth and by decree of a foreign government, without us even knowing it?” Because that is what is happening with a number of these individuals.

Time to put a stop to this nonsense and for the High Court to rule that despite having a dual citizenship, there is clearly no intent to deceive or defraud the Commonwealth on the part of these individuals and that they should simply take steps to comply with legislation and/or formally and publicly renounce their external citizenship within a reasonable time, if so deemed necessary, but that they may continue meanwhile in the roles to which they were duly elected.

In other words, how about some common sense for the sake of our nation?!

© 2017 Peter J. McLean

Citizenship Obsession
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