Knowing Me, Knowing You: The Real Force Behind Leadership

Knowing Me, Knowing You: The Real Force Behind Leadership

Knowing Yourself is Only Part of the Leadership Equation Many leadership development courses begin with the maxim, “Know Thyself”. The assumption is that by truly understanding yourself, then you can, in Shakespeare’s words, “To thine own self be true”. That will

If You’re Serious About Improving Your Leadership and Communication

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Boost Your Leadership, Communication and Performance

Receive a weekly boost to your leadership, public speaking, communication with “Peter’s Power-Ups” Weekly Videos. The videos just started being broadcast – once per week, for up to 50 weeks. The series include: Gifted Leadership Series I – Bring Out Your

New Video Seminar Series

I’m announcing a new development opportunity that I believe will benefit anyone and everyone. I don’t harangue people with endless sales pitches on useless products. I provide high level consulting, coaching and development opportunities for clients and have no intention

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