The Importance of Speaking Out With Energy

Watching my daughter’s participation in a rehearsal of a school performance of Tim Winton’s Cloudstreet, I am reminded what a difference speaking out clearly and energetically makes for communicators.

Too often, speakers and leaders hold back in their delivery and their language and thereby deprive the audience of the benefit of their ideas. It happens in public arenas, meetings and informal discussions. Rehearsing your intent, motive, language and energy all help you to connect with and influence your audience and people.

Authentic Speaking Executive Leaders Workshops 2015

President Obama wishes he had it without a teleprompter. Prime Minister Abbott wishes he had it in public. You’ll wish you had it everywhere: The ability to speak persuasively, powerfully, fluently and articulately while conveying genuine presence across all of your leadership situations – speaking publicly,

Authentic Speaking Executive Leaders Workshop

The next Authentic Speaking® Executive Leaders Workshop has been scheduled for March 10-11, 2014 in Perth. This is a two-day event for senior leaders and those interacting with senior leaders – to help you develop powerful communication and public speaking

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If You’re Serious About Improving Your Leadership and Communication

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