President Obama wishes he had it without a teleprompter. Prime Minister Abbott wishes he had it in public. You’ll wish you had it everywhere: The ability to speak persuasively, powerfully, fluently and articulately while conveying genuine presence across all of your leadership situations – speaking publicly, on the media, in the board or team room and with your staff and stakeholders.

Communication is crucial for leaders. While it doesn’t create your character, your ideas or your passions, without the ability to speak convincingly you can’t convey that character, arouse attention and fascination with your ideas and stir up equal passion in others in public settings. That’s one of the reasons why Prime Minister Abbott currently faces a challenging time in the media and in his party – because of his failure to communicate with his people and the people of Australia.

Public Speaking for ExecsOn April 20-21 and again in August, I’ll be holding my Authentic Speaking® Executive Leaders workshops. The workshop is two days of developing high level leaders’ communication and public speaking skills in a way that you’ve never experienced. I’ll challenge you to be honest, genuine and powerful in your speaking – to borrow from the world’s greatest and to develop your own style with confidence and clarity, to allow you to further build your presence and your influence on the stage and in person.

Hundreds of people have benefited and grown through my Authentic Speaking® workshops. Many have said that they learned more in the two days of my workshop than in years worth of communications training. Others have said that it has been one of the greatest leadership development exercises they’ve ever experienced. Others have said that when involving others from their own company, it has been the greatest team building experience they’ve ever had.

“I learned more in one day from your workshop than in all the other presentation courses I’ve attended combined!”

Senior Manager, Superannuation Company

There is nothing like it that will not only change you in two days, but will give you a clear, simple method for continuing to develop as a speaker and leader.

I haven’t run this workshop for at least two years and I’ve reflected on how I want to make it better than ever, so the time is ripe. I have scheduled my first workshop for April 20-21, to be held at a Perth location. I’ll be scouting other locations around Australia, so if you would like to register in another capital city, let me know.

I’ve had CEOs, Board Directors, Senior Executives and Managers, CFOs, University Professors, Solo Consultants, Aspiring Leaders – even senior tax officials – and more in these workshops. They have ranged from fearful novices through to experienced speakers and EVERY ONE has benefited, as I tailor the learning to ensure that each individual makes leaps in their speaking. This is for leaders at every level of anxiety, confidence and need. And I guarantee that I will find improvements for your speaking, or give you your money back.

“We undertook careful research to identify the best organisation to help an important client prepare for critical presentations. We selected Peter McLean and Lamplighter, and have been delighted with the results.”

–  Phil Glew, Principal, Glew Corporate Communication

So there are no excuses: Our world presents more challenges than ever that require courageous action and clarity of message. Enrol now!

Further details are here at You can register there, or simply download the brochure and registration form and email it to us at

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Register two or more people and receive $100 off the price per registration.

Authentic Speaking Executive Leaders Workshops 2015

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