Believe it or not, I actually have fun with my clients.

(I’m the not-as-young dude on the left)

Having fun in our work is important. It’s important with my clients, too, because having a good laugh about things helps break down unnecessary resistance by putting us on the same page, introducing positivity and providing perspective. Sometimes it’s like the old MASH saying, that you have to laugh if you want to get through it. There are more studies and experiences than there is recorded information in the world demonstrating the power of laughter in the face of overwhelming situations, from Holocaust survivors to Cancer recovery.

My clients enjoy the success we create and the manner in which I work with them.

When people work for (and with) me, they enjoy the environment that I create and that helps us to achieve more and be more.

I’m no comedian (though I have been known to tell a funny story or too), but I do like to share a good (above-board) laugh.

Plus, I just plain enjoy my work!

Are you having fun?

If not, then it’s probably an indication that you need to change how or what you’re doing (I know a great consultant and coach who can help 🙂 )

How do you rate with your people and clients? Do they enjoy working for and with you, or is it a chore? (And I’m not counting those bound by law or force.)

If so then, again, most likely you need to change.

I know which approach will create better results. How about you?

© 2017 Peter J. McLean

Are You Having Fun?
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