I am in the middle of re-writing my ‘About’ Page so that you know a bit more that’s personal about me. In the meantime, here is my old, highly professional one…

The world’s first proponent and advocate of professional giftedness, Peter McLean works with CEOs, MDs, professionals and companies to bring out gifted high performance and leadership. He is co-founder and Managing Director of Lamplighter Performance Consulting, a company he and his wife founded with the goal of changing the way people and organisations work.

Peter is an expert in leadership, communication and human development who has coached scores of senior executives and leaders, business owners, MDs and CEOs to achieve superior organisational and business performance. His work has delivered millions of dollars of value to clients and changed lives and organisations for the better.

Peter has an extraordinarily diverse background of service in private business, government, schools and universities on three continents, working from the ground up through to senior leadership positions. He has been acclaimed in numerous contexts for his insight, passion and commitment to achieving outstanding results.

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