Tom Moody with CupOn February 5 in Perth I’m running an exclusive event with Tom Moody, international cricket batsman, coach, commentator and international businessman. It will be a brilliant opportunity to get up close and personal with someone who knows how to create high performance in pressure-packed environments.

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Here are 7 Reasons Why You Should Come to the Tom Moody Leadership Event. (I tried to stop at 5, but had to keep going.)

  1. You’ll learn from the coaching and leadership challenges of sports how you can better lead in your circumstances. Sometimes it’s hard to understand your own situation until you see it reflected in an industry or domain outside of your own. Hearing and exploring the challenges at the élite level of cricketing will help you to develop better leadership in your environment.
  2. You’ll get access to the coaching and high performance expertise of one of the world’s highly respected, professional cricketing coaches. Tom knows how to lead in high pressure environments, where he’s been asked to turn a team – a business – around so that they become top-level professional performers. He has an eye for recruiting and developing talent in ways that you might not expect.
  3. You’ll see how top coaches assess their situation, identify their priorities and plan strategic development. Pulling together a winning team doesn’t happen just through deciding you’re going to win the next couple of games. It takes intelligent assessment, analysis and strategy to go for the finals and the championships.
  4. The world of élite sport has more challenges in common with your world than you think. Tom has worked in the business of élite sport, yes, but he has also worked in the top ranks of international corporate world, including the marketing and securement of high end projects. He understands firsthand how the lessons of cricket apply to the everyman world.
  5. You’ll have unfettered access to top coaching insight. There will only be a small group, ensuring that everyone has the ability to ask the questions that are pressing to them, but also to participate in a full line of conversation and exploration, rather than being cut off when the question is a little impolitic. This will be a fully confidential session – no journalists, no recordings of the conversation, so you can ask and say what you want and Tom and the group will be happy to oblige with fully open answers.
  6. Tom is a highly insightful manager of people. He can assess a group within a very short period of time and uses this to help direct them to higher levels of performance. Benefit from his insight into you.
  7. This will be a relaxed, enjoyable and unique development experience with a great bloke. I’m ensuring that everyone gets time to talk with the assembled group and with Tom. Whether you’re into cricket or not, there’s much to be learned and Tom is an honest, easygoing gentleman. There won’t be 500 people cramming in trying to sell each other services or vying for attention, but everyone there will be focused on getting the most out of the morning.

There are plenty more great reasons to come and enjoy the morning. Come and bring along colleagues or clients for a special experience.

Tom has made time for this event, in Perth only, right smack in the middle of his very hectic international schedule. I won’t be repeating this opportunity in this format, ever.

For more details and to reserve your seats, visit Seats and time are limited, so register now.

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7 Reasons to Come to the Tom Moody Leadership Event

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