red-checkmarkAs promised, here are the results of my recent reader survey. These surveys are proving to be interesting mini-experiments in reader responsiveness.

Thank you, again, to those who completed the survey this time around.

Here are The Results…

Part of the good news is that I had a massive increase of 200% on responses – that is, three times as many responses as my first survey. This sounds quite impressive, aside from the fact that it was a very low number to start with (1). Interestingly, these were entirely new respondents this time.

At this rate, if responses keep increasing by percentage over the current round, then at the three year mark I should be receiving 729 responses in my reader survey. We’ll see how that goes!

In my reporting of the results, I have omitted a few items that I believe would not be as important to you as readers. Here is the breakdown of responses:

  1. Readers had read between 5-9 or almost every article.
  2. They enjoyed aspects of clarity, wisdom, variety of insights and topics and sensible and reasonable approaches to what can be done.
  3. Readers were happy with the crop of articles as they are and would also like to see more on team building and goal setting.
  4. Responders were all male.
  5. Ages are all from 45-54 and 55-64
  6. They are business owners and managers
  7. All respondents stated that they reside in Australia
  8. Respondents want fresh ideas with global background and to cut through hype to drive through to core issue and actions
  9. Respondents enjoy learning through in-person events, reading and online videos
  10. The top 3 topics rated were: leadership, personal development and public speaking. Respondents indicated further strong interest in almost all of the topics I listed in the survey.
  11. Further topics suggested revolve around
    1. character within a culture
    2. image and perception management
    3. career development
    4. other trends
  12. All respondents said they would recommend my blog. Please do…
  13. Challenges and Concerns included:
    1. Working with integrity
    2. Marketing and Sale of innovative products
    3. Focusing on the business, not in the business
    4. Overcoming redundancy in later career
    5. Developing and demonstrating skills in different areas
    6. Keeping family together during tough periods
    7. Remaining positive through insecure period
    8. Not taking problems home
    9. Establishing credibility in a new role
    10. Growing the business
    11. Staying focused
    12. Thoughtless social media drive
    13. Negotiating the immediate future
    14. Security of employment following entrenchment
  14. How else could I help?
    1. Continue to post on broad range of professional and personal issues
    2. Help people to keep faith in themselves
    3. Just keep writing
  15. A request for something I could create for readers, aside from continuing work on the blog, would be a way to ‘wake up’ far too comfortable audiences in the general population.

I appreciate the responses to the survey. I look forward to even more next time.

I will be running some subject-specific surveys throughout the year: on leadership, communication, personal development and other topics. I hope you will contribute to the results from these surveys.

Meanwhile, these current responses will certainly provide food for this blog over the coming months. I look forward to serving you through my posts and would love to read your comments or thoughts at any time.

Peter J. McLean.

2015 Reader Survey Results
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